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Comprehensive Preventative Maintenance Contracts

ADVANCED - Advantage Maintenance Contracts
Advanced Power Generation offers a line of contract options like no other!

With over 20 years experience in the power generator business we know what it takes to keep your generator ready for every power outage. Because Air cooled and liquid cooled (units with radiators) and diesel are in fact different therefore they require different preventive maintenance.

In my years of service I’ve heard customers tell me all kinds of things that sales people have told them just to make a sale. Things like “No generators don’t require maintenance”


  • Generators don’t require maintenance-----
    False: All generators require maintenance. Just like your Heat & AC systems, your car, pool or any other mechanical equipment.
  • All that needs to be done is an oil change every year.
    False: proper maintenance is more than just changing the oil and filter.
  • We don’t get many outages; my generator doesn’t get that much use. So I don’t need yearly maintenance.
    False: It’s just as important to do maintenance on a unit that doesn’t get many hours as one that gets a lot of hours.
  • My installer said they installed an engine starting battery with a 6 year warranty, so I am good for 6 years.
    False: That is based on the average use in an automotive application not an automatic generator application. The life expectancy of a battery in a generator is about 3 years. For that reason, places with critical emergency generators such as hospitals, 911 centers, and critical data centers, change their battery(s) every 2 years.
  • My unit has a 5 year warranty or I purchased an extended warranty, so I’m covered and don’t need to do anything.
    False: The warranty doesn’t cover preventive maintenance and in fact requires the generator be properly maintained. Advanced Power Generation offers several extended warranty & maintenance packages so you can enjoy your generator worry free without additional cost for up to 5 years. (New units only.)
  • I have a liquid cooled generator with 5 year or “permanent” anti-freeze/coolant so I’m good.
    False: Most units come with regular anti-freeze/coolant and should be checked regularly and in most cases should have the system flushed per manufacture's recommendations. Anti-freeze/coolant degrades over time and can become corrosive. This is very widely over looked area of maintenance on liquid cooled generators. If your unit is over 3 years old you need to consult your owner’s manual to see the manufacture's recommendations or ask you generator service provider. If they don’t know, over looked or tell you it’s not important…you might have the wrong people servicing you generator.

If you’re not sure of what you generator requirements are feel free to call us.